10 KEY Steps To An Assembly

[The following is Reba’s summary.]

1. Hold intro meeting with Q & A, & take notes (minutes), focusing on the Bill of Rights and community concerns.

2. Elect officers: PeaceMaker, Penman, & Peace officer (perhaps Steward & Archivist), & record in minutes.

3. Grow your numbers as quickly as possible to 13 in a county for petit jury and 27 in a state for your Common Law de jure Grand Jury.

4. The function and operation is to protect the people’s rights & stop abuse by making those in state and county aware of the assemblies existence, exhibiting One Voice against tyrannical government.

5. Publish 3 weeks in a row for county (or 4 weeks for state) in newspaper to give notice (no box around it), while keeping copies for the record.

* County’s notice read into the minutes of the County Commissioners meeting.

**State’s notice sent by registered mail to the state governor and state attorney general.

6. Research and draft notice of offenses and abuses against We the People, and hold these government agents accountable.

7. Require public officials to conduct themselves with integrity and impartiality their duties and obligations of protecting the people’s rights by recording written grievances, FOIA requests, complaints and if needed remove them from office.

8. Prepare documents 

1) Functions & Operations of Assembly — containing guiding concepts, principles, and standards of the business of the assembly.

2) Functions & Operations of Grand Jury — issue indictments. 

9. Research, learn, & teach concerning the assembly’s present condition, & demand correction or repeal of legislation which is abusive and costly to We the People & our Nation, being careful to establish a record of what you’re doing and plan to do. Note the proposed correction of any infraction and the communication of the identity of who’s involved and the proposed correction to that office.

10. Effect change by holding judges, sheriff’s, police, & elected officials accountable for their abusive acts against We the People via lawsuits, indictments, & arrests. (Remove their agent protective immunity.)

***County, State, & Nationwide Assemblies are to meet at regular times in person or by phone to discuss facts, desired conclusions, & demand correction in written form by compiling documented evidence. In this way we will put an end to the government’s power to intimidate, extort, bully & incarcerate people without due process.